Film: Radical Grace: Love is blind. Obedience shouldn’t be.

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Running time: 76 minutes

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Three fearless nuns risk their place in the Catholic Church to follow another higher calling: social justice.

This film comes at a major crossroads in the Catholic Church, and the nuns are everything that’s right with the institution. They stand with the marginalized, and won’t be bullied by the hierarchy. I feel a deep connection to the women featured in Radical Grace. – Susan Sarandon, RADICAL GRACE Executive Producer

RADICAL GRACE follows three fearless nuns who risk their place in the Catholic Church to follow another higher calling: social justice. They represent the some 59,000 nuns of 140 different orders in the US.  “God is the impetus for Good.”

When the Vatican investigates and censures the sisters in 2012, they become the spiritual and symbolic center of a struggle for the future of the Catholic Church:

This threat causes deep concern and anxiety in the nuns who have been passionately committed to their love of God and social justice. Yet they refuse to back down to the outdated demands of the patriarchal hierarchy.

They openly challenge what they regard as an outdated and inhuman system.

The film juxtaposes the flamboyant ritual ceremonies in the Vatican and the ordinary lives of the nuns. The sisters choose to wear lay clothes. No habits. They wish to be one of the people, equal amongst equals. This is another great criticism from the Vatican: their modern lifestyle.

But history takes a turn – as it inevitably does. Pope John Paul steps down, and in his places come Francis – named for Francis of Assisi – who lived a life of simplicity and loved all creatures.

Within a short time the Vatican in 2015 revokes the censure, with the message of gratitude to the nuns for their faith and lifestyle, for meeting the needs of a contemporary world. The Vatican states they have learnt from the process – through dialogue and deep listening.

A film that inspires much reflection on the poignant path of transformation and the deepest values we hold, whatever our faith or whether we are just one of the ‘nones’ – in the words of director Rebecca Parrish.


The Washington Post
Bearing witness to…clear-eyed moral courage.
NOW Toronto
Director Rebecca Parrish wisely lies back and lets these brilliant, courageous women express their frank opinions and engage with their communities as they redefine spirituality. These nuns rock.
Toronto Film Scene
Throughout the documentary, their struggles and triumphs become ours, which is a testament not only to the Sisters, but also to director Rebecca Parrish… Radical Grace is a story that hasn’t been told before, and the Catholic church should thank these sisters for representing it proudly.
Huffington Post
The film — at turns entertaining, educational and inspiring — illustrates profoundly how social justice and spirituality are inseparably linked.

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