Mary Magdalene

and the Christian Path of Conscious Love

A presentation by the Rev Dr Cynthia Bourgeault at a conference on Conscious Love.

Live recording at Integral Institute. USA 2014

Screening at Simon’s Town Museum

Thursday 14 August at 11am

Book wth museum on 021 786 3046

Ticket: R30

Running time: 83 minutes


A refreshing, incisive and scholarly look at the essence of the Christian message:

Conscious love that is radically inclusive.

Discover the transformative wisdom embodied in this mysterious, often misunderstood feminine figure at the heart of Christianity.


Far beyond sensationalised conspiracy theories or reclamation of the feminine, Rev. Bourgeault’s intriguing portrait of Mary Magdalene recognises her distinct yet intertwined roles as Jesus’ disciple, apostle, and intimate beloved. She challenges the church’s monolithic celibate culture of some 16 centuries,  and its seeming obsession with “pelvic issues’ such as abortion, birth control, women’s ordination and gay unions. Where is the visionary insight, the moral imperative to deal with a humanity and world in crisis?


Mary Magdalene. Image supplied by Exploring Consciousness


Enter the role of Mary Magdalene to cut through this logjam. Undeniably at the side of Jesus throughout the entire crucifixion and burial, and first witness of the resurrection, new research places Mary by the side of Jesus on a spiritual level, as his intimate beloved, as ‘apostle for the apostles’. This goes far beyond feminist theories. It is symbolic of a radical path of transformation through love. Not necessarily sexual love; not necessarily not. Not a prescriptive path of celibacy, but rather a path of radical conscious love. Whatever was the physical nature of the relationship between Mary and Jesus, it was clear that Mary had mastered the teachings and applied these situationally when needed.


Mary Magdalene’s unique contributions to spirituality invite us all to discover a revolutionary path of transformation through love.


In her inimitable, witty, scholarly style, Cynthia explores topics including the relationship between Jesus and Mary, meditation, kenosis (non-clinging love), and the Christian non-dual wisdom practice path.


The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault is the founder and principal teacher for the Aspen Wisdom School as well as a founding director and the principal teacher for the Contemplative Society. She also serves on the core faculty of the Spiritual Paths Institute in Aspen, Colorado. An Episcopal priest and international retreat and conference leader, Cynthia is passionately committed to recovering the Christian contemplative path and has worked closely with Fr. Thomas Keating, Fr. Bruno Barnhart, and other Christian contemplative masters, as well as with Sufi and Buddhist inner traditions.



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