I am sure anyone who has been passing through Kommetjie during the past week has noticed the unusual activity on the corner of Erica and Kom road! Passers-by have been treated to a fantastic artistic display as legendary Cape Town graffiti artist Jack Mantis unleashes some creativity on the wall.

Kommetjie’s, South Peninsula community Art Gallery curator Carrie Basson, took five with Mantis to find out a bit about the artist and this project.


Q: Where did your artistic journey begin?

A: At around the age of 10 or 11, seeing my interest in art beginning to bloom, my mother brought me to “Little Kimble” the home of Gabriel De Jongh who was an accomplished artist and friend of the family. I would sit on a bench in silence just watching him paint and those hours I spent there observing are my clearest memories that inspired my momentum into the world of art.


Q: Can you tell us something about your art and inspirations?

A: I love colours. I want to know that I’m using every shade there is so that when people are looking at my work, especially on this scale, they are simply baptised in colour! You could never stand in front of a wall like this and feel depressed! I’ve been drawn to the pure skill of art but also the power it has to move people.


Q: What drew you to Kommetjie?

A: For so many years I have been travelling extremely and excessively, experiencing so much but really missing the feeling of community. I have found Kommetjie to embody that spirit on so many levels, and it’s amazing to feel a part of that.


Q: A lot of people have been asking who are you doing the mural for?

A: After coming here and feeling the connection to this place I just wanted to give something back. I was generously sponsored the paint and this mural is simply from me to you… It’s also for a girl!


Q: What is your dream project?

A: This. I mean it! Over the last week since I started on the wall here, It has been such an incredible vibe, so many people have been really kind and generous, and excited to be involved. When you can create something that brings a community together, well that’s just religious.


Well Jack from the Local Community Art Gallery we are thrilled to have this mural inspiring us and promoting creativity in the Deep south. A huge thanks from all of us for years to come!


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