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The Noordhoek Conservancy was registered with Cape Nature in 2005. It is an “island” area of the Noordhoek Valley from Ou Kaapse Weg – Houmoed Avenue to the Atlantic Ocean  surrounded by the Table Mountain National Park. The objectives of the conservancy are to:

(a)    Promote the protection of indigenous plants and animals, undisturbed or important biological communities and landscapes of exceptional beauty.

(b)   Co-operate with authorities in respect of the management of the conservancy.

(c)    Collect funds and use such funds for the promotion of the conservancy’s activities.

(d)   Improve the quality of life for all residents within the conservancy.

(e)   Stimulate and promote a strong sense of community within Noordhoek.

(f)     Manage the appropriate development of the urban and rural environment.

(g)    Promote the enhancement and use of public spaces.

It is a member of the Far South Peninsula Community Forum and the Greater Cape Town Alliance. It leases and manages the Noordhoek Common and  is at present promoting safe inter-connecting non-vehicular pathways throughout its area besides monitoring and commenting on planning proposals and existing developments as off shoots of its objectives. Ph Rory Sales 27 82 556 8209 ;


NEAG is one of the more established environmental NGOs in the South Peninsula. It is run as a community project by the local community in a consensual,  participatory and transparent manner by volunteers. We deal with a wide variety of environmental issues that concern the natural, built and social environment.  NEAG has been instrumental in managing and maintaining our unique natural resources in conjunction with authorities and the Table Mountain National Park.  We sit on the management forums for Longbeach Mall and Lake Michelle. We were instrumental in reducing the housing density of  the latter development from over 600 units to around 250. NEAG works in conjunction with our sister organisation, the Noordhoek Conservancy, which deals with residents and ratepayers issues as well as with many other local organisations in the area. NEAG organises and participates in community events, such as the  Noordhoek Country Fair, which we initiated, as well as hack groups, tree planting, beach and local clean ups. We are on hand to offer advice on development proposals and many other issues, sharing freely of our  extensive local and specialist knowledge.  We invite your participation.  Contact Person: Glenn Ashton 021 789 1751

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