The History of the Silvermine River Wetlands and the Silvermine River Society.

The Lower Silvermine River Wetlands are a popular community asset and a conservation success story.    The development of the artificial wetlands, primarily as a flood control scheme has resulted in an attractive indigenous landscape with a rich bio-diversity.  The history of the development of these wetlands is also the story of committed members of the community who worked to ensure that the authorities acknowledged the Silvermine River as a conservation asset and understood its potential as an a valuable recreation areas as well.  The reward for the volunteers who have fought many battles to protect the most natural river system in the Cape Metro will be once the area is proclaimed a Bio-Diversity Agreement Area & the Silvermine Source to Sea Trail is formally inaugurated.   Read about the History of the Silvermine River and Wetlands here. 


FOSNA falls under the auspices of Wildlife and Environment Society of SA. Our most important activity is the hacking of invasive exotic vegetation. To increase our members’ enjoyment of Silvermine Nature Area and awareness of our indigenous flora and fauna, we have a programme of short walks, most weekends and on Thurs. mornings, which are open to the public and of different degrees of difficulty-. New members welcome. Ph Heron Burger 021 782 5079


Control of the alien vegetation on Elsies peak and surrounding mountainside has been undertaken by a group of local volunteers over the past 35 years, resulting in the delightful area of Cape Flora evident today. Members continue to derive enjoyment from this activity, meeting at the top of Ravine Steps on Wed. & Fri. at 1.50 pm. Mostly retired people have been involved but people of all ages are welcomed. Ph Charles Chevalier on 021 785 1157


The Riverine Rovers are a sub-section of the Friends of the Silvermine Nature Area who are dedicated to looking after the Silvermine River Wetlands.  The Silvermine River is one of the last pristine rivers in the Peninsula.  The Wetlands are a local recreation and environmental gem just upstream of the traffic lights at the Clovelly Road and Main Road intersection.  A number of small mammals including  Cape Clawless Otters, porcupines, Grysbok and Water Mongoose, and a variety of birds frequent the area.   A good brochure describes the historic dykes and points of interest seen from the circular walkway around the wetlands. 
 A small team of volunteers keeps alien vegetation and rubbish at bay and do guided walks on request.  A huge challenge is the large number of people who do not clean up after their dogs while walking with them.   Enquiries:  Evanne Rothwell on 021 782 6144

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