`Courage 2 B Cool’

Do you have the Courage 2 B Cool for the Earth and for the future of humanity? 

We have been brainwashed into believing that excessive materialism and consumption is the justifiable reward for enterprising endeavor and hard work – and that the future of our economy depends on it.  “People with stuff have  status – they’re cool.”   Does keeping up with, or surpassing the Jones’s really make us better people?  Are we, are you, happier surrounded by all the stuff we have to insure, house, maintain and upgrade?  Does the money we pay for excessive consumption go toward `fixing’ the environment.  Sadly no. Too many people’s lifestyles are costing the Earth. 

 We are using the Earth’s Capital at an unsustainable rate and polluting essential-to-life services such as water, air, the sea and farmland. 

 Nature needs 2 B Cool 2.  On an international level role models like Lewis Pugh – the Human Polar Bear and Ric O’Barry of The Cove have gone to extraordinary lengths and shown incredible courage to raise awareness.    To use Lewis’s slogan, “It is time to Believe”. We can individually make a difference.  Every time you and I make choices to reduce our impact on the Earth and to be Earth Cool rather than materially Cool takes Courage.  

Lewis Pugh, fondly called the human Polar Bear, is a Scenic South local.  On 7 Sept he told a capacity crowd at a Scenic South event to launch the Courage 2 B Cool concept  how and why he swims in the coldest places on Earth to raise awareness about global warming.  Click here to read about the Courage 2 B Cool evening with Lewis Pugh.    

 It is time to showcase the people in our community who have the `Courage 2 B Cool’The Scenic South website will be showcasing locals who stand up for the Earth, who defend Nature’s right to life and who promote living lightly (sustainably).  We would welcome articles and comments from readers about having the `Courage 2 B Cool’ – so send us your stories or the names of people who you think have the Courage 2 B Cool.  

Does business in Fish Hoek have the Courage 2 B Cool?  

`Hoeked on Green’ with  “Keep Fish Hoek  Beautiful”  & Scenic South Website.    Nov  2010

 “Hoeked on Green “ is an initiative to gauge the green awareness of Main Road businesses and to understand which environmentally friendly initiatives are appropriate for Fish Hoek.   A checklist  was designed to identify the pro-active steps local businesses are taking to reduce  the environmental impact of  their services and products.   The results of  survey will be presented at the Keep Fish Hoek Beautiful awards ceremony on 16 Nov.   Read about  Hoeked on Green here.