Entries are now open for the prestigious annual Eco-Logic Awards, hosted by The Enviropaedia (in association with SABC3). The Awards acknowledge and support individuals and organisations making a real and measurable difference in creating a more eco-logical and sustainable world to live in. 


Until the closing date of 15 June, entrants can submit their products, services, innovations and achievements via email to networking@enviropaedia.com.


The finalists will be announced on 4 July 2014 following selection by a team of highly respected, environmentally-aware judges. All entries are assessed using 7 criteria that are the ‘roots’ of Eco-Logic and three finalists are selected in each category.


The 2014 Eco-Logic Award categories are:


  1. The Water Conservation Award – for a product or service that results in Water saving.
  2. The Energy Saving Award – for a product or service that results in Energy saving.
  3. The Transport Award – for a product or service that reduces environmental impact in Transport.
  4. The Recycling Award – for a policy, programme or project that has demonstrably contributed to a greater public understanding and participation in waste reduction, re-use and recycling.
  5. The Biodiversity Award – awarded to an organisation for a successful biodiversity protection, rehabilitation or damage mitigation programme.
  6. The Climate Change Award – awarded to an organisation that has achieved a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  7. The Municipalities Award – awarded to a municipality that has achieved success in developing solutions using its risk assessment and management expertise, forming strategic partnerships to improve sustainability, as well as service delivery in municipal functions
  8. The Youth Award – for an individual of 26 years or under who can show that their actions have protected, preserved or improved the Earths eco-systems and natural resources.
  9. The Eco-Angel Award – for an individual, whose actions have conserved, nurtured or restored the Earths life forms, eco-systems or natural resources.
  10. The Eco-Warrior Award – for an individual, whose actions have defended, protected or prevented damage to the Earths life forms, eco-systems or natural resources.
  11. The Eco-Innovation Award – for a new product or service that is financially viable and sustainable, that serves the needs of humans whilst being equally beneficial to the Earth and its eco-systems.
  12. Eco-Community Award – for a community that have acted collectively to protect, preserve or restore the Earths life forms, eco-systems or natural resources
  13. The Lifetime achievement Award – for an individual that has served the interests of Social and Environmental Sustainability – for a period of 15 years or more.


Says David Parry-Davies, editor of The Enviropaedia and co-host of the Eco-Logic Awards: “Each year the quality of the entrants makes another leap in quality and diversity. It is exciting and  inspirational to see the significant increase in Eco-Logical thinking that is permeating South African businesses and consumer choices.”


Concludes Dr John Hanks, who was awarded the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award: “One of my current preoccupations is the identification, nurturing, mentoring and encouraging the conservation champions and leaders of the future. The Eco-Logic Awards are the type of awards that call attention to some of the great work underway to promote the message that environmental conservation is not a luxury, but instead a vitally important prerequisite for building a sustainable future for South Africa. ”


The Eco-Logic Awards will be held at Maropeng (Cradle of Humankind South Africa) World Heritage site, Gauteng on 17 September 2014.


For more information on The Enviropaedia, Eco-Logic Awards please visit: www.enviropaedia.com , find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Enviropaedia and follow us on Twitter: @Enviropaedia1. For details on how to enter visit: http://www.eco-logicawards.com/how-to-enter/ or contact Linda Baker on 0861 000 810.

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