The Cape Town Science Centre provides fun interactive learning experiences that are enjoyed by children and adults alike.

From the latest Cape Town Science Centre newsletter: 

Energy for All exhibition

Have you visited our new Energy for All exhibition showcasing different types of energy and their uses? The energy tunnel starts with “What is energy and electricity?” and then takes a look at nuclear, solar, wind and hydro electricity generation, storage and distribution.


A comprehensive booklet that accompanies this exhibition has just arrived and is available as a ‘take-home’ resource to school groups visiting the centre.


This exhibition is sponsored by Hydrogen South Africa Public Awareness Platform, an initiative of the Department of Science & Technology, implemented by the South African Agency for Science & Technology Advancement.


Home School Programme

The Cape Town Science Centre has put together a special programme to support the Home Schooling community.


To download the programme please visit our website –


For more details of programmes and learning opportunities offered by the Cape Town Science Centre email Carmen