Few industries cover such a wide range of fields or offer as many career opportunities as tourism. Whether you want to plan countrywide projects or focus on small decor touches, there is probably a niche for you in the tourism and hospitality world. Here are two avenues to venture into if you are looking for a career change:

The job of a tour guide varies immensely depending on the location they work in and the sort of service they provide – from taking foreign tourists on bus tours of a city and narrating the sights in their language, to camping out in the bush for a week and leading tourists on nature hikes.

All tourists need somewhere. Accommodation service providers are therefore the cornerstones of the tourism experience. Visitor accommodation runs the range from simple camping and caravanning sites to posh guesthouses and five-star hotels. It also offers a range of career types – everything from front-desk people management to behind-the-scenes planning and maintenance.

Venture down a new career path with the University of Cape Town Tourism Management short course.

About the course

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the local tourism industry and how it relates to the international tourism market
  • Learn core business management skills and industry best practices
  • Course starts: 4 November 2013
  • Course duration: 10 weeks, entirely online
  • Download course information

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