Empowerment Through Education (E-T-E) is a Charitable Trust to fund the schooling of promising youngsters from impoverished backgrounds in order to break the cycle of poverty that afflicts their daily lives. Children from Masiphumelele and Ocean View in the Scenic South are flourishing as a result. 

Empowerment Through Education (E-T-E) believes that education is the best long-term solution to poverty in Africa. Offering children the chance for a good quality education gives them the opportunities that they could otherwise not have dreamed of.


Empowerment Through Education (E-T-E) will fund the schooling of selected children for the duration of their school career, from Grade 1 through primary school and high school to tertiary education. Children are chosen from disadvantaged communities of South Africa, starting in Cape Town’s South Peninsula with children from Ocean View and Masiphumelele.


E-T-E Trustees meet regularly to monitor the progress of each child to ensure that they receive a world-class education. In addition, the Trust will strive to provide the supplementary support and input the children require to progress with their studies and gain the life skills required of future leaders.


Empowerment Through Education (E-T-E) Trustees are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the administration of the Trust. We profile the progress of each child on our website (www.e-t-e.org) to keep contributors informed about the achievements of the children and to demonstrate that their contributions are helping real children to grow in very real terms.


Empowerment Through Education (E-T-E) strives to build its stable of corporate partners to boost the Fund and enable the Trust to help more children out of poverty. We are affiliated to the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce. Empowerment Through Education (E-T-E) is also  a registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO) and is an excellent vehicle for an education-focussed Corporate Social Investment (CSI) program. Involvement with the Empowerment Through Education (E-T-E) Charitable Trust is also an excellent initiative for your small business to become involved in a worthwhile cause while boosting your BEE scorecard points.


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E-T-E children attending scholls in the Scenic South