All is well with the Mother.Of the ‘child’, things will emerge in due course….  When walking on the wetland paths last week, I came across a largish angulate tortoise at the edge of the path but close to the main road.  I felt she needed rescuing, and because of this, I would re-locate her further inland and closer to the golf course. I picked her up and other people saw me and asked such questions as ‘ is that a tortoise?’.   ‘Yes” I replied, and in one incident held it higher to show them.  I noticed something not right with her rear quarters, looked closer and saw that an egg was on its way.  ( The under shell flexes and hinges so as to allow the egg to come forth.)   So, continuing, I held my right under her rear, and without any birth rigors, etc., she plopped the egg into my hand.  I have brought the egg home and have buried it in sand, to be joined shortly by another egg or two from my own little lady tortoise. (Hatching period between 5 and 14 months.) The mother will be returned to the wilds shortly.

Samm is doing fine and has added 4 gms to his/her birth weight of 13 gms.


John Strickland (John has a permit to keep tortoises.)