EnviroConnection is an Incredible Connection intitiative to promote   environmentally safe  disposal of electronic waste (computers, printers etc), including empty printer cartridges and toners.  

Handing in your empty printer toner or cartridge to your nearest Incredible Connection(IC) store is not just responsible, but earns you R10 off your new toner and R5 off your new cartridge.  Make the effort!! You win and so does the Environment.  IC commits to handing the empty printer toners & cartridges over to the manufactorers who will dispose responsibly of what they can not re-use .

But thats not all!!!   Stuck with an old computer or disused electronic gadgets?  Don’t  dump them!!!   Incredible Connectionis offering special disposal facilities for end-of-life consumer technology items (e-waste) at each of its 55 stores nationwide. The  EnviroConnection service is being offered in partnership with accredited electronic waste disposal company Desco, who will dispose of obsolete items of technology in an environmentally safe way no matter where they were bought . 

Desco has a refurbishment centre where salvageable parts are stripped and used to build up ‘new’ computers for donation to schools in need of technology.  In 2009 they successfully distributed over 50 such machines.  The non reusable bits are disposed in such a way that the environment is safeguarded.

Source:  Incredible Connection and WESSA-Cape-Environment Newsletter May 2010