Creation Ministeries International is hosting renowned International Astronomer Dr Danny Faulkner this Thursday 05th May 2011 at the Fish Hoek Senior High School Hall at 7pm. He will be speaking on the origin and development of the universe and his talk is entitled ‘Cosmology and Creation’. Dr Faulkner has a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Indiana. Since 1986 he has been on the faculty of the University of South Carolina where he holds a professorship and teaches astronomy and physics. In addition to his work in creation studies, his research interest is stellar astronomy, particularly concentrating on eclipsing binary stars.  Dr. Faulkner has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers in his field of expertise, as well as a number of popular articles in creation journals, and a popular creationist book, Universe by Design, as well as featuring in a popular DVD on the Sun. In addition to being a frequent speaker on topics dealing with creation and astronomy, Dr. Faulkner serves on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society. 

Please join us. There is no charge and various resources will be available for purchase. For further details please contact Johan Kruger Tel 0219750107″ or visit