Wednesday evening saw us in Rattlesnake Valley at the Kalk Bay Theatre, immersed in the lives of the locals – the sheriff, the ladies of the bordello,  the young family on the ranch complete with visiting mother-in-law, the young lady shop owner, the son seeking his mother and father ….


If we had not been told that the script was all ‘ad libbed’, we would never have believed it. The repartee was slick, clever and took the story in directions one could not anticipate.


I had not partaken in TheatreSports before and always dismissed the idea of attending a show as I was daunted by the thought of audience participation –acting is not my scene!- but having seen the show last night, I will certainly be attending one of the Tuesday night TheatreSports productions. The ‘team’, ImproGuise, consists of a   superb group of very talented and witty, fast thinking actors who did not let the pace and the interest lapse for a second.


The show – a different theme each night- runs till the 9 Jan. Don’t miss Cape Town’s first ever Improv Festival- a real scoop for Kalk Bay Theatre.

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