Divine Justice by Joanne Hichens (co-author of Out To Score with Mike Nicol) is a stylish and darkly humorous thriller that brings to life a feisty new heroine, Rae Valentine, who just happens to be a one-legged ex-junkie…


About the book:

DV_cover.inddA scorching summer in Cape Town. As fires blaze across the mountain, an evangelist delivers an ominous prophecy, right-wing thugs plot murder and mayhem… and gorgeous Rae Valentine has eyes only for her man, Mullet Mendes. But Rae can’t outrun the storm of righteous fury that’s taking over the city, and when the heavens open (in more ways than she can imagine) her life takes an unexpected turn.

Before she knows it, she’s a newly badged private investigator with a case of missing jewels on her hands, doing her damndest to keep Mullet’s detective business afloat and his partner, Vince Saldana, off the booze. As she battles her personal demons, Rae must solve the mystery, outwit the bad guys and rebuild her life…

Compelling, stylish and underscored with pitch-perfect dark humour, Divine Justice brings to life a feisty, sexy, resourceful new heroine – the inimitable Rae Valentine.


About the author:

Joanne Hichens is a writer, editor and journalist. Divine Justice is her third novel, following Out To Score (2006), which was co-authored with Mike Nicol and published in the USA as Cape Greed, and Stained (2009), which was published in the UK and France. She edited the first anthology of South African crime-fiction short stories, Bad Company (2008), and the Bed Book Of Short Stories (2010), both of which include her short stories. She lives in Cape Town.

 Peter Church and Joanne Hichens are doing a writerly event at Long Beach Mall’s Wordsworth Books on Thursday 17 Nov at 6pm.  

They will chat about the writing life in particular, which is something people are always interested in.

Book specs:

Title: Divine Justice                Author: Joanne Hichens

ISBN: 978-0-98700-580-9      Released: October 2011                      RRP: R155

Imprint: Mercury                     Published by Burnet Media                Distributed by Jacana Media


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