You are hereby notified that on the 18 September 2015, the competent authority (Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning- DEA&DP) issued environmental authorisation (with conditions) in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (Act No.107 of 1998) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Amendment Regulations, 2010 for the above-mentioned proposal as contained in the decision dated 18 September 2015.


The authorised listed activity is Activity Numbers 16, 18 and 19 of Listing Notice 1 (Government Notice No. R544).  The improvements to derelict infrastructure at the discussed Clovelly railway station on Erf No 90114, Clovelly including demolition of the seaside barrier and underlying brick wall has been authorised.  A copy of the Environmental Authorisation is available from Chand Environmental Consultants or can be viewed at . The reasons for the decision are contained in Annexure 1 of the authorisation.


In taking the decision, the competent authority considered all information presented to them, which included details on the public participation that was undertaken for the application (as well as the issues raised by Interested and Affected Parties), the alternatives that were considered, the anticipated positive and  negative impacts associated with the proposed development and the proposed mitigation measures which would serve to avoid and/or reduce the significance of negative impacts on the biophysical and social environment.  The authority indicated that they were satisfied that the specific management and mitigation measures considered during the environmental assessment and included in the Environmental Management Programme, are sufficient to reduce potentially detrimental environmental impacts to acceptable levels and to adequately address the concerns raised during the public participation process.  They further indicated that the proposed development will not conflict with the general objectives of integrated environmental management, provided that the mitigation measures included in the Environmental Management Programme, the principles included in the National Environmental Management Act (No. 107 of 1998) and the conditions of approval as contained in the Environmental Authorisation are fully adhered to.


Note that Alternative 1, demolition by hand, is considered the most appropriate in terms of mitigating the impacts to an acceptable level and, therefore, is the Alternative authorised by the competent authority.


Furthermore, in support of their decision, the DEA&DP considered the following:

  • Need and desirability- The rehabilitation of Main Road between Muizenberg and Clovelly has been provided for in the City of Cape Town’s Integrated Development Plan and in order to realise this project, it is important to undertake the proposed rehabilitation works to the Clovelly Station platform area.  Undertaking the proposed works will ensure that the City of Cape Town upholds the conditions of the land agreement with the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA);
  • Biophysical impacts– Due to its transformed nature, no sensitive environments occur on site and the potential impacts to the surrounding environment are considered to be of low significance.  Furthermore, the proposed works are anticipated to contribute positively to the local environment, provided all mitigation measures are observed.


Should you wish to appeal the decision, you must submit an appeal to the appeal Minister in accordance with regulation 4, within 20 calendar days of the date of this notice.  Note that a copy of the appeal must also be submitted to the Applicant, registered I&APs and Organs of State with interest in the matter (these details can be obtained from Chand Environmental Consultants).  A prescribed appeal application form as well as assistance regarding the appeal processes is obtainable from the office of the Minister at the following:


Tel:  (021) 483 3721




The appeal submission must be submitted, in writing, to the Minister’s office by means of one of the following methods:


By post:  Western Cape Ministry of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning

Private Bag X9186, Cape Town, 8000

By facsimile:  (021) 483 4174; or

By hand:  Attention: Mr. J. de Villiers

Room 809, 8th floor Utilitas Building, 1 Dorp Street, Cape Town, 8001

By email:


The appeal submission must be accompanied by a statement setting out the grounds of appeal, supporting documentation which is referred to in the appeal submission, as well as a statement (including supporting documentation) by the appellant to confirm compliance with regulation 4(1).


The Applicant’s details are as follows:


City of Cape Town

c/o Mr Paul Booth

Post:     P.O. Box 298, Cape Town, 8001

Tel:       (021) 400 3985

Fax:      (021) 400 2456



Kind regards


Kim Diedericks

Chand Environmental Consultants