Current world surfski champion, Sean Rice, narrowly edged out series leader, Dawid Mocke, taking his 1st win in the series in the Seaforth Paddle, Sunday 3 Nov. Blustery conditions ensured only the hardiest of paddlers were on the start line for the race. Sean’’s younger brother and current junior world champion, Kenny, took first place amongst the juniors, asserting his title.


““Surfskis are made for the open ocean conditions and this is what makes our sport unique. Staging today’’s race underscores that. We had the necessary safety protocols so the event was good to go,” says event organiser Dawid Mocke.


Sean Rice, winner of the Seaforth Paddle. Photo: John Hishin - Cape Town Sport Photography

Sean Rice, winner of the Seaforth Paddle. Photo: John Hishin – Cape Town Sport Photography

Kim van Gysen took the leading lady title today, after series leader, Nikki Mocke, was unable to start due to being sick. Bianca Beavitt was 2nd and 3rd place went to junior paddler Kirsten Flanagan.


The Cape Town Surfski Series, powered by Vodacom, consists of eight races and the next race of the series will be held on Strand Beach on the 17 November.


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Senior Results:

1.       Sean Rice                             44min14sec

2.       Dawid Mocke                    44min26sec

3.       Tom  Schilperoort            45min34sec


Under 21 Results

1.       Craig Flanagan                   46min23sec

2.       Dominic Notten                47min46sec

3.    Valentin Henot                 48min57sec


Junior Results

1.       Kenny Rice                          45min45sec

2.       Tyrone Smolders              50min03sec

3.       Stuart Bristow                   53min56sec


Ladies Results

1.       Kim van Gysen                  54min10sec

2.       Bianca Beavitt                    54min55sec

3.       Kirsten Flanagan               58min24sec


Veterans results

1. Paul Marais                            49 min 55sec

2. Daniel Kantor                         50 min 26 sec

3. Greg Barnard                         53min 45 sec


Masters results

1. Daantjie Malan                      54min 22 sec

2. Anton Holtzhausen                55min 36 sec

3. Shaun Butler                        56min 01 sec


Doubles Results

1.       Jacqueline Barnes & Peter Cole                                 47min35sec

2.       Antje Manfroni & Eugene van der Westhuizen  48min37sec

3.       Penny & Andrew Turner                                                               54min38sec