In our work with organisations across many industries, we have discovered that most leaders & managers have simply not had the opportunity to develop the core skills needed to collaborate across boundaries and to influence others where they don’t have direct control or authority.


We are not wired to collaborate in the 24×7 virtually-connected 21st century organisation. It is a skill set that we need to learn.


I have learned much of what I know about this from Peter Block (the internationally-renowned author of “Flawless Consulting”) so I thought that you may be interested to hear what Peter has to say about “Regaining Power through Authenticity”:


Peter Block’s thinking has changed my life. My personal wish is that every manager / leader in corporate South Africa will get the opportunity to be exposed to Peter’s wisdom. If you are interested to know more about courses to develop collaboration skills, please contact Maggie ( She would be delighted to send you all the information about the public / in-house courses (designed by Peter Block) that we are privileged to offer in South Africa.


Warm regards

Louise van Rhyn