There was much laughter and games on 1st May at the Community Carnival Games held at Noordhoek Farm Village. All ages joined in the activities and games, see here is the tug-of-warWhat a great turnout we experienced for the first ever free community carnival held at Noordhoek Farm Village on Workers Day.

We could not have asked for better weather as we started the afternoon with old style carnival games.

There were lots of opportunities for laughs and fun, with stalls such as balloon animals, marshmallow construction, candyfloss, jumping castles and all free to the community.



Tristian Nass with his black and white balloon dog, made for him by volunteers of King of Kings and The Noorhoek Gathering at the Community Carnival held at the Noordhoek Farm Village on 1MayThe carnival was run by volunteers from King of Kings and The Noordhoek Gathering for the people of Noordhoek.


Should you like more information on The Noordhoek Gathering, a non-traditional church, please contact Tracey on 021 785 4200

 Karen Peiser