“I was born in 1992. You have been negotiating all my life. You cannot tell us that you need more time”.

Christina is 17, and lives in the Solomon Islands – a country whose very existence is threatened by sea level rise in her lifetime.  Will the politicians in Copenhagen have the foresight and the guts to set the required targets for CO2 emissions and the means to enforce these targets? 

Whether you believe that Climate Change is natural or man made, you can not deny that our modern consumer driven lifestyle is unsustainable.  Unlimited growth on a finite planet – the math is simple – work it out  for yourself.   CO2 emissions are both a problem and a symptom of lifestyles that are destroying the Earth’s natural capital.  While politicians and big business negotiate  and backpeddle – what are we as individuals prepared to do to reduce our impact on the Earth?  What are you prepared to do?