On the 17th of December last year, South African Big Wave Surfer, Mavericks winner and Adventurer, Chris Bertish, set an official Guinness World Record by Stand Up Paddling (SUP) 130km in 12 hours from Kommetjie all the way up to just past Saldahna – completely unsupported. Chris undertook the challenge in order to raise awareness for Lunchboxfund who feed hungry children at schools around South Africa – a cause he also recently went naked for in the March issue of Marie Claire Magazine for their famous Naked Edition.


Chris Bertish sets Guinees Book world record. Photo: Maleen Hoeksta

Chris Bertish sets Guinees Book world record. Photo: Maleen Hoeksta

“I’m really proud as a South African and as an ambassador for the youth, to realise another dream of attaining a Guinness World Record for an endurance event like this,” says Chris on hearing his record is an official Guinness World Record. “It was a huge undertaking, but will hopefully make many kids realise what is possible if you really work hard at something, you think a little out of the box, stay focused & never give up, then anything is possible!”

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Considerable planning went into the execution of this record to ensure that all requirements were fulfilled in order to attain a Guinness World Record. A backup boat to follow Chris ensuring he completed the route, along with official timers and videographers/ photographers to capture the attempt and ensure authentication, were all part of the day. “The research, planning, preparation, logistics and teamwork to be able make this day happen, when you are dealing with the extreme, constantly changing and challenging elements, was the most difficult of obstacles to overcome…but I believed with every fibre of my being that I could do it and if you dream it, can see it and believe it, then you can achieve anything!” explains Chris. “A very special thanks to my sponsors, Island Tribe, Clifbar, Go Pro, K-Way & Old Khaki, without you guys this attempt would have been very difficult achieve”


Here is a great clip from Chris’s website just showing a small snippet of what he went through on the day –


At the end this year Chris is planning a new extreme record to set, whilst still finalising the plans and his Trans-Atlantic SUP crossing in the near future. For more info on Chris and to book him as a motivational/inspirational speaker please visit and for more info on the Lunchbox fund please visit