Chris Bertish of Kommetjie achieved his dream yesterday of breaking the Guinness World Record for Stand Up Paddling 120km in 12 hours in  open sea. Kelly Burke of Flux Communications sent this comment from Chris made after his exhausting paddle from Kommetjie to Saldanha Bay. For a full account of his record braking paddle and photographs see


Says Chris:


“Yesterday was a magic day. I had dreamed for years of trying to break 110 km paddle from V&A to Langebaan, as I knew it could be done, even though many told me it was impossible. The past 2 years I have been training & working towards that goal … 110km over 2 days, 2 months ago, a solo unsupported 70km paddle, then I decided I was going to try the 110km I had dreamed of, only to find there was an existing record of 120km in 12 hours…..


Chris Bertish breaks SUP record. Photo Maleen Hoekstra

Chris Bertish accompanied by Humpback whales on his record breaking paddle.Photo: Maleen Hoekstra

We all have dreams! If you have a dream, find the courage to follow it and have the self-belief to know you can follow it through. As Nothing’s Impossible, unless you believe it to be….


Yesterday we had a rising full moon, pods of Pilot and Humpback whales, two types of schools of dolphins, giant ships, 30 knot breeze, 12 foot seas, fatigue, sunstroke, hyperthermia and sheer bliss, joy, stoke. And achieving far beyond my greatest expectations. What more could you ever want in one day. The pain was temporary, the memories will last forever. There’s no such thing as failure in life, only the failure to try….


Thanks to my Support Team, Franco Veeotie, Jen Koopman, Maleen Hoeksta, Darren Maconovits & Brandon Kilbride. I couldn’t have done it without my dream team.”


Well done, Chris!