Another Reason for Loving Fish Hoek

                                                I could cry!

Yes, cry for joy.

Please let me tell you why…


I was Monday morning shopping in Fish Hoek’s Pick and Pay

and when I reached the till,

I found only twenty rands within my wallet,

Having spent for odds and ends upon my way.


And, as I searched for this week’s shopping money

that I had counted out before I left home,

there was no more.

I wished the floor would open up and swallow me.


But then the guy behind me said,

‘O.K! O.K! I’ll pay.’


He said his name was Chill,

                                                At least, that’s what I thought he said,

But then, of course, I am an Oldie

and could have got it wrong.

But this I know, even if his name was Chill,

                                                his heart was open wide, and warm , and goldie.



And when I tumbled home as fast as I was able

there they were – three hundred rands upon the table.


If Chill should wish to complete this saga of living,

the tears of joy that spilled from his love’s giving,

I would be pleased if he would contemplate

just one quick call on 782 5848..

Lewis Watling

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