The people of the Scenic South are lucky enough to live in a region which is home to great number of famous mountain ranges that attract widespread attention for hiking, climbing and adventuring purposes.

But an often overlooked gem sits right on the doorstep of Fish Hoek Beach… I’m talking, of course, of Elsie’s peak, a gently sloping trail which winds its way up to one of the most beautiful views in Cape Town.

With this in mind, the youth of Fish Hoek Methodist Church (YRAGE), with the help of Peter Schutte, decided to organise an endurance challenge of sorts which  was officially termed ‘The Elsie’s Peak Ultimate Challenge.’

The premise of the event was simple:  Between the hours of 7am and 2pm on the 28th July, all participants would have the chance to hike/run up and down Elsie’s Peak as many times as they could within this time period, getting sponsored by various friends, family members and co-workers for their efforts.

The day was an incredible success and an enormous testament to the beautiful (but tough!) spirits of the people of the scenic south.  Blessed with beautiful weather, we had 38 participants in total, who ranged in age and experience from a primary school student to a 6 time ‘Tuffer Puffer’ runner.

Our top performers were definitely Beaumont Cooper, Janet du Plooy and David van Niekerk all of whom managed to complete the Elsie’s Peak loop 10 times within the 7 hour period!

Everyone who took part, however, showed great courage and strength and big thanks must go out to all participants and of course, the generous people who gave up their morning to keep track of the hikers and keep them well refreshed with drinks and snacks.

Just over R6000 was raised in total,  which will be split 50/50 between the Fish Hoek Methodist Church youth department and the Goodsport Trust, a local NGO which aims to bring sports equipment and coaching to all schools in the Peninsula.

We look forward to making the ‘Elsie’s Peak Ultimate Challenge’ an annual event.

Shelly Schutte