In March 2014, Katherine Glenday will turn her living and working space into an entire installation called, “This Personal, and this Particular”.  A retrospective, somewhat philosophical, and entirely domestic celebration will be shown in her home, in the beautiful cobbled Windsor road of Kalk Bay, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Katherine Glenday’s work in porcelain has been a constant presence in the South African ceramic world since she graduated from the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, with majors in ceramics and history of art and English in 1982. She has won many national awards and has exhibited her porcelain vessels internationally and extensively in New York since 2006.  Her work can be found in national and corporate collections all over South Africa and was recently bought by the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Porcelain works by Katherine Glenday of  Kalk Bay. Image supplied

Porcelain works by Katherine Glenday of Kalk Bay. Image supplied

For the past 10 years, the seaside village of Kalk Bay, famed for its eclectic community of artists and writers, has been home to Katherine and the work that she has produced here has been largely collaborative in nature. March 2014 will see her show a selection of contemporary and older porcelain works,  and also some new works in resin.

Katherine’s actual home is perched above her studio, ‘The Forge’ which was once an artists’ collective, a furniture restorer, a mechanic’s workshop, and the original Olympia Café bakery and of course – the original blacksmith’s forge of Kalk Bay at the turn of the century.

Katherine named the uniquely beautiful studio downstairs “The Forge” where she has hosted music concerts and poetry readings, and has let the space to teachers of body practices, dance and sound.  The Forge is fast becoming an experimental hub of creative expression.  The underlying philosophy of the practice lies with Katherine’s belief that it is in the exploration of individuality, and the creative expression of the highly personal and particular that creativity becomes a catytic and where personal and group transformation can occur. In other words being with the truest self and its gifts, the wellspring of creativity that runs through life is fanned. A strongly burning internal flame has the ability to kindle fires in others. It is this which is the ‘mainline’ to happiness and personal and social well-being.

“This Personal and this Particular” is an exhibition which will have resonances with other shows curated by Katherine at the Irma Stern Museum, and with her last solo show there in 2001. This show was called ‘Tuning Narcissus’ and it has taken Katherine 12 years to come to a place of ‘going inward’ again and to leave off the collaborative and community engagements, to sharpen her insights about her own practice, “to clear out and move on”.  The show has taken a year of intensive focus by Katherine and 30 years of professional work with her medium, along with 18 years of parenting her two children.


Porcelain works by Katherine Glenday of  Kalk Bay. Image supplied

Porcelain works by Katherine Glenday of Kalk Bay. Image supplied

“This Personal and this Particular” is a brave and unusual idea where, typical of the artist’s practice, her own life’s journey forms the springboard for the recognition of much that is common human experience, wry commentary and a sheer appreciation of beauty, light and awareness in daily life and practice.


Show opens Saturday 22nd of March 2014 and will run until  Saturday 12th of April.


Kim Stephens

Communication and Connection Specialist

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