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South Africa’s reliance on fossil fuel leaves it stuck in the past

"To remain globally relevant, many in this country already agree that we need a highly skilled workforce, but where consensus still lacks is on the significance of building a new economy based on renewable energy and clean technologies."

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Whale Coast Conservation newsletter June 2015

The Whale Coast Conservation newsletter June 2015 contains interesting and informative articles on the abalone situation in South Africa, the Schools Expos held in the Overberg over the past month, the future of fisheries in South Africa andRead more

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One day left to object to far-reaching proposed Bill

"This Bill, in its current form, only serves to undermine the agricultural sector on which South Africans rely on for food security."

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Mike Graham’s presentation at Stanford Bird Club meeting

Mike Graham is an expert birder and photographer and travels extensively to find and film birds - especially those that he has not yet added to his already very extensive list - and other endemic wildlife.

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Talk about Micro-grids, Community Power Stations etc

"How can home owners and (small) businesses work together to replace / support Eskom?"

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Sustainability Expo in Stanford 2015 presented by Whale Coast Conservation

On 7 May 2015 Whale Coast Conservation presented its Schools Expo in Stanford. Over 500 learners from Okkie Smuts and Die Bron Primary Schools were guided through the 11 exhibits on biodiversity.

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