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GMOs, our everyday foods and the role of supermarkets

At present Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Spar, Checkers and even health shops still sell unlabelled genetically modified food.

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Salps wash up on Glencairn Beach

We saw these strange creatures washed up on Glencairn beach on Thursday morning. I cannot find anything like it in our reference books.

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Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities produces TORI lines for the fishing industry

The Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities helps save endangered seabirds through the manufacture of TORI bird scaring lines.

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Welwitschia Show and launch of book by Dr Ernst van Jaarsveld and Uschi Pond at Kirstenbosch

Welwitschia Show celebrates new publication and the “king of the desert” As Kirstenbosch moves through its Centenary year one of the events set to be of huge interest is the “Welwitschia Show “ which will be held in theRead more

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The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) objects to field trial of a “stacked” GM maize event

The African Centre for Biosafety (ACB) has submitted an objection to an application by Dow Agro-sciences to conduct a field trial of a “stacked” GM maize event called MON89034xTC1507xMON NK603. The submission was endorsed by the Southern Cape Land Committee, an NGO basedRead more

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Speleologist John Meyer & the Moles of Kalk Bay Caves.

John Meyer systematically explored & named most of the caves in Kalk Bay mountains & was the core of the `Moles', avid cavers of the early 1900s. His legacy includes the cave names and the extensive network ofRead more

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