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Cape Town’s drinking water – there is no need to use bottled water!

"Many of us take a lot of things for granted in our daily lives. We assume that we will be able to access electricity by flipping a switch ... And we have no doubt that when we turnRead more

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Heritage Trail with guides at Kirstenbosch over Heritage weekend

The Kirstenbosch Heritage Trail Celebrating  Heritage Day at Kirstenbosch is a treat for the whole family and a time to discover more of the history of the “most beautiful garden in Africa.” The Heritage Trail offers an unusual wayRead more

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Exciting encounter with Great White shark in False Bay off the wreck of the Clan Stuart near Glencairn awes visiting Russian divers

The Russians were thrilled, having wanted to see a white shark but not having managed to plan a cage diving trip during their short visit to Cape Town, and all the divers remarked on the shark's gracefulness andRead more

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Capetonian Alan Fleming’s Fish Farm one of top 23 entries in international Siemens Empowering People Foundation Award

Alan’s entry is a fish farm in a shipping container. He says: “By designing the tanks, pumps and filters into a recycled 12m container, The Fish Farm delivers a remarkably simple business opportunity capable of producing 4 tonsRead more

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Wilfred Chivell of Dyer Island Conservation Trust – for whale watching and shark cave diving in Gansbaai

Some of the research on sharks done by the team at Dyer Island Conservation Trust is groundbreaking and includes: population dynamics through fin identification; wound healing; predatory interactions; foraging ecology and seasonal behaviour.

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The History of the Silver Tree and the Silver Tree Project

Silver Trees are an iconic species of the Cape Peninsula and history of their use goes back to the earliest Khoi Khoi inhabitants who used it as fire wood.

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