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Sea Biscuits and other ideas for using sea lettuce or Ulva

When harvesting seaweed a great one to start with for culinary purposes is one of the most common: the sea lettuce or Ulva. See the recipe for Sea Biscuits ...

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A coastal foraging expedition – seaweed superfoods fresh and free from the sea

On the menu for lunch was Mussel Soup with wine and garlic (most more-ish), Wrack Seaweed Coleslaw (crunchy and delicious), Kelp and Avo Salad ...

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As COP19 Gets Underway: Time for a Revolution to Save Ourselves from Fossil Fuel by Glenn Ashton

Natural weather disaster costs are at record levels. So why are we so slow to take action on climate change?

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Dead whale is towed to Fish Hoek beach after beaching at Danger beach. Story in pictures

A decomposing whale weighing about three tons was towed to Fish Hoek beach this afternoon from Danger beach where it had washed up earlier in the day. The photos tell the story...

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Cape Cobra in Clovelly garden does its snakey best to evade capture

A trip in a bucket was not on this snake's list!

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Red Flag Vlei campaign against commercial development at Princess Vlei Sat 9 Nov

" We are raising the red flag for Princess Vlei because something of great value is in danger."

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