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Foster home desperately sought for two family-dogs

The Hamlett family of Fish Hook are desperate to find foster homes for their two dogs, a male cross-Bouvier and a female fox terrier.

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Mike Graham’s presentation at Stanford Bird Club meeting

Mike Graham is an expert birder and photographer and travels extensively to find and film birds - especially those that he has not yet added to his already very extensive list - and other endemic wildlife.

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Managed home care in Stanford – an open information talk

This is a follow up to discussions which have been ongoing behind the scenes since the end of 2014 when Rayne Stroebel of GERATEC and SA Carers Forum spoke to 60 Stanfordians ...

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Bipolar Awareness Day 25 May at Valkenberg Education Centre

Short presentations on: The controversial use of anti-depressants for Bipolar Depression. Support for the Family,The Use of Art in the Healing Journey ...

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Invitation from the Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope to author Dean Allen’s talk

DEAN ALLEN has written a biography of James Logan, the man who established Matjiesfontein and introduced cricket in South Africa.

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Paddle for the Planet on 6 June 2015

The ground-breaking global Paddle For The Planet project will celebrate its fifth anniversary when the world-wide paddling relay in support of ocean and river environmental awareness takes place on 6 June.

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