Fish Hoek resident, Karen Larsen, sent in this picture with the following comment:  “Cape Dutch Nursery have erected a sign around a beautiful standard red rose saying it’s not for sale because a white eye has chosen to make her nest in there and is sitting on two tiny blue eggs.”

Hats off to Cape Dutch Nursery!

Cape White-Eyes are widely spread across South Africa and Namibia and across a range of habitats. Active little birds, they are gregarious except when breeding when they pair up.

They feed on insects, spider eggs, nectar, fruits, flowers and honeydew from aphids and also orange pulp, sugar and jam from feeding trays. They breed from August to April in the Cape, their nests a small cup made of a variety of materials tied together with spider webs, fine roots and hair. They usually lay 2-3 pale blue, pale green or white eggs.


Info gleaned from Robert’s Birds of Southern Africa