wetkittymail form the SPCA Cape Town


If you’re feeling the cold, please spare a thought for the dogs, cats, horses and other animals here at the SPCA.
With winter just around the corner, they need cosy blankets and extra food to keep them warm.

Soon, low lying areas could be flooded with freezing water. It’s bad enough for people whose possessions get soaked …

But their animals – who are often left to find what shelter they can from the elements – suffer even more misery.

Our Inspectors will be kept busy rescuing animals trapped in drains – and those that have crept into old crates and derelict buildings in search of warmth.

Here at the SPCA they’ll be safe. But we need your help to keep the animals cosy and fed in our stables, kennels and cattery.

During winter our food stores soon reach dangerously low levels – with more than 3 tons of food being consumed per week.

Please will you make your donation towards food and blankets right now?

Last May, we rescued a collapsed pony in Phillipi, who was freezing cold and soaked to the bone after lying for hours in the pouring rain.

He had to be lifted into the horsebox and then carried into one of our stables because his legs were literally frozen solid.

Even after being rubbed dry and wrapped in an electric blanket, it was hours before the violent shivering eased and he was able to struggle to his feet.

Without support from people like you,we would not have been able to save this pony’s life.

The warmth of your kindness makes all the difference to an animal that’s hurt, frightened, hungry and cold. So please will you make your contribution today.

Thank you for helping us keep our Horse Care Unit, Kennels, Cattery and Wildlife Unit warm and cosy this winter – ready to take in hundreds of cold, frightened, dogs, cats and other animals that will need our help during the freezing and wet months ahead.Sincerely yours

Chief Executive Officer

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