You are invited to  join a Canoe polo course in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront Canal, Dock Road this weekend 25 – 26 January 2014

 The course timetable is as follows:

Saturday 25th


9am Morning Session

ž  1.General Information

ž  2. Requirements specification

ž  3. Technique


10:30 Water Session on Technique


12:30 Lunch


13:30 Afternoon Session

ž  4. Tactics


14:30 Water Session on Tactics

16:30 Finish


Sunday the 26th


9am Start

ž  5. Coaching Outlook


10:00 Practical on setting up a training programme (off water)



ž  6. Example training session

ž  7. Future View


12:00 Lunch


13:00 Water Session – Example Training Session (run by Alex Bonk)

15:00 Close


Gear will be available from the canoe polo club. However, if you have a spray deck and paddle please bring them along, as we won’t have enough of these. Please bring paddling gear – you will get wet – as well as sun cream.

Lunch and cold drinks will be on sale for lunch at the venue.


The course will be held at the V&A Waterfront Canal, off Dock Road.

Directions: Take N1 into town, at first traffic lights off the highway turn right towards the V&A Waterfront (Dock Road). There is a City Lodge on your left, and then an big parking lot. Turn left into the parking lot (Its R10 for the day). Drive over the bridge, then behind the soccer pitch, towards the blue containers. The course will be held at the containers.


For more information ph Sam Braid on 082 899 2220.