Having received a query about where one can send bread tags to in Australia, I contacted Mary Honeybun to hear if she would know and she proudly told me that the bread tags she and her group of friends have collected for recycling have now supplied 303 wheelchairs and walking frames for children. They collected 5 tons of bread tags in 2012 and are aiming to collect at least 400 kgs a month this year.


The bread tags come to her from all over. This coming weekend she will be receiving 100kgs of tags from someone driving down from East London. She added that there are now people co-ordinating the collection and selling of bread tags in Johannesburg and Scarborough.


In answer to the query from our reader in Australia, Mary suggested that she should start up her own collection point after contacting the manufacturers of High Impact Polystyrene in her country.


Mary is deeply grateful to all who contribute bread tags to her stock and invites you to add to her tally. For more info see