The Oyama Bonsai Kai’s annual Easter Bonsai show will be held in the Sanlam Hall (Fri 29th March – Mon 1st April) in Kirstenbosch

Kirstenbosch Easter Bonsai Show

The Oyama Bonsai Kai’s annual Easter Bonsai show will be held in the Sanlam Hall (Fri 29th March – Mon 1st April), near Gate 2.  This year’s show will exhibit, as its centrepiece, some of the many wonderful Bonsai that started their lives many years ago as saplings at Kirstenbosch; as well as celebrate Kirstenbosch’s contribution to the art of Bonsai in South Africa.  For those interested in starting their own bonsai there will be regular demonstrations by the bonsai masters as well as many small bonsai of all sizes for sale.  We encourage anyone who is interested in these curious miniature trees to come to Kirstenbosch over the Easter weekend to find out more.

Contact the Kirstenbosch Information 021 799 8783 for further details.

Permanent exhibition of Bonsai trees 

As part of the Kirstenbosch centenary celebrations, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is excited to announce the installation of a new permanent exhibition of Bonsai trees which will be showcased in the courtyard of the Kirstenbosch Visitor’s Centre at the main entrance.

The collection consists of ten of the finest Bonsai trees in South Africa, the oldest and largest of which is a Wild Olive which is over 150 years old.  These magnificent trees have been kindly loaned to the gardens by various bonsai growers and bonsai nurseries.

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