Hullo FHVRRA members  and other interested or affected parties :


Many of you have already sent your opinions, for or against the granting of this current application for a Bottle Store Liquor Licence to the Sub Council.   Thank you.


For those of you who have not yet written, attached for information are:


1.            Copy of the Applicant’s Representation in support of his application.


2.            A copy of the form distributed by the Fish Hoek Sub Council.  This is re-printed below this mail


A link to the relevant Liquor Act should you wish to refer to is :,_as_amended.pdf


Printed hereunder is the section of the detailed Act which stipulates conditions under which the Liquor Licence application might not be granted :


Section 59 (5)     The Liquor Licensing Tribunal may not grant an application

unless it is satisfied on a balance of probabilities that the granting thereof –

(a)          Is in the public interest

(b)          Does not prejudice –

(i)            The residents of a residential area

(ii)           The residents of an institution for the aged and frail

(iii)          The learners of an educational institution who are under the age of eighteen (18) years

(iv)         The patients of an institution for drug or alcohol related dependencies   or

(v)          The congregants of a religious institution located in the vicinity of the Licenced premises concerned.


You are reminded that Mrs. Desiree Mentor at the Sub Council’s offices in the Fish Hoek Civic Centre will receive all your approvals or objections and forward them timeously to both the Liquor Licensing Officer at Fish Hoek Police Station and the Liquor Board together with the decision of Councillors who are to meet to discuss this Application, amongst other items, at the Sub Council meeting to be held at 10 a.m. on Monday 25th August 2014.  The public are welcome to attend that meeting and copies of the Agenda will be available there.


Your signed and dated letter or e-mail, quoting your residential address and contact details, your I.D. number and stating your grounds for approval or objection, should be handed in at the Reception Counter, or e-mailed to the Sub Council’s office at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre (Reception) by 4 p.m. Friday 22nd August which is the latest time for lodging opinions.

Mrs. Mentor’s e-mail is  :


I hope that you will circulate this e-mail to any ofl your friends and acquaintances whom you feel might  be interested in registering their opinions.


We now have three and a half days left.


Thank you for being a concerned citizen.


Yours faithfully


Helen O’Regan

021 782 4268