A naturalised Muizenberger with a preference for the great wild outdoors (and wild hair that pretty much reflects the nature of her internal landscape), Andrea Nixon tends to find more stillness of mind when looking through the lens of her camera than when sitting on a meditation cushion. Whether it’s wandering off-track on a mountain (not lost, just daydreaming) or wondering off-beat on her surfboard (again, probably daydreaming), it’s outside in nature where her more creative ideas are both formed and expressed.

Photo by Andy Nix

“To me, the most visually aesthetic things frequently are transient glimpses of light and mood perceived in a moment, rather than lasting tangible objects; photography is a gift that has allowed me to expand the personal enjoyment I derive from those fleeting moments by sharing it with others. Although our attention often tends to be captured and diverted by the insistent clamour of more unpleasant aspects of life, alongside there is so much that is pleasing and beautiful – sometimes more obvious and often-times more subtle. It’s for this reason that I’m drawn to deliberately noticing the wonderful in everyday life, creating images to convey that sense of wonder in the ordinary, whether it’s the intricate mix of light and shadow in the crenelations of an old worn shell, wild light sweeping over a stormy landscape, or the graceful curves of a human body interacting with the wind.

Pic Of The Week Calender2013-05: Photo by Andy Nix

Pic Of The Week Calender2013-05: Photo by Andrea Nixon

In addition to fine art and landscape prints, she provides unique outdoor environmental portrait experiences, where she create an opportunity for the person (or people) she’s photographing to relax and express themselves naturally, resulting in a collection of beautiful fine art images conveying one’s essential essence.

Kalk Bay Peak: Photo by Andrea Nixon

Kalk Bay Peak: Photo by Andrea Nixon


Website: pix.andynix.co.za

Andrea is donating half of the proceeds of the sales of her Cape Town fire photographs to the SPCA. Find out more here http://scenicsouth.co.za/prints-of-cape-town-fire-photographs-by-andrea-nixon-of-muizenberg-to-aid-spca-funds/