St Joseph’s Children’s Home for chronically ill children has a small but poignant Easter wish list which includes food, toiletries, nappies and toys for the children under their care.

St Joseph's Home for chronically ill children, Cape Town 
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Changing Lives, One Small Step at a Time

Our Miracle Child

Tadiwanashe is 5 years. She was admitted to SJH in 2008 when she was 10 months old. Tadi was born with respiratory problems but the problems were exacerbated by exposure to her environment. Her family was forced to flee their home in Khayelitsha to the city hall in Macassar as a result of the xenophobic attacks in 2008.

She developed a rare and life threatening form of lung disease in which small airways are compressed and narrowed by scar tissue or inflammation. As a baby, Tadi depended on oxygen to manage her condition and help her to breathe.

She receives regular physiotherapy as part of the treatment at SJH. This helps to remove excessive phlegm in her lungs and aids her breathing. This determined young lady no longer requires oxygen during the day, is gaining weight and reaching her age related milestones.

After attending our pre-school, Tadi started Grade R this year and is doing very well. She participated in her first sports day and astounded her therapists by winning all her races.

Her nickname in her ward is ‘Daily Voices’ as she is the self-appointed head girl of the ward and can give you a full report of what is happening and what has happened. Not only does she have natural leadership, she can speak three languages as well.

Many of us are in awe of her fighting spirit and know that she will continue to inspire those who meet her in her journey through life.


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A Glimpse Into Our Rehabilitation Service

Each child admitted to SJH is assessed by our Therapy Team and a therapy plan is put in place. Our team works closely together to ensure that each child’s goals are reached within a timeframe.Physiotherapists at SJH assess and manage children and young people with movement disorders, disability or chronic illnesses. The aim of the physiotherapist is to help each child reach their full potential through providing physical intervention, advice and support.

Our Occupational Therapists help children with various needs improve their cognitive (thinking skills), physical, and motor skills. OT is aimed at giving people the skills for the job of living. For children, this occupation involves playing, learning and carrying out every-day activities that involve independence.

SJH will be employing a Speech Therapist in April 2013 and this will add great value to our rehabilitation team and service.

miracle child
miracle child

The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.

Basil Hume

Some of Our Moments

We are blessed to be surrounded by small acts of love, goodness and triumph on a daily basis. It could be a child who has reached their goal, or receiving a star at school and the greatest joy of being discharged to go home.sharing love

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