Aloes  throughout the scenic south peninsula are blooming  in all their red, orange and yellow glory, enticing sunbirds and other winged creatures into gardens.


These are a few of those flowering in my garden at the moment. Once the skies have cleared and the icy wind and rain have passed, I will be able to add a few more photos to this catalogue!

Aloe arborescens or the Kraansalwyn

 Aloe arborescens or Kraansalwyn is a common species widespread over South Africa, especially in the Eastern Cape. Its sap is used as a treatment for burns.



Aloe marlothii or Bergaalwyn with budding flowers, more typically found in the northern and eastern parts of Southern Africa.

Aloe ferox Aloe Ferox

The magnificent Aloe ferox which is found in the southern and eastern Cape. The flowers of this lovely specimen in my garden were spoilt in the wild winds and heat of Tues 18 June!The sap, leaves and gel of the Aloe ferox are used cosmetically and medicinallyand for a great variety of conditions and ailments.