Ald. Felicity Purchase’s address:to Subcouncil (19) on 17 September 2012 provides an update on civic matters affecting the citizens of the Far south Peninsula.  Note that Subcouncil 19 is more extensive than the Far South Peninsula and includes parts of Retreat and Mitchels’ Plain. Matters in her Chairperson’s report include:  the first shark sightings of the season and the Fish Hoek Beach shark exclusion net; traffic congestion on Main Road Kalk Bay AND on Ou Kaapse Weg; the Dido Valley &Masiphumelele housing projects;

Now that the excitement of the Olympics and Paralympics is over, it remains for us to congratulate our champions.  It was interesting to see that whilst we didn’t have a lot of people winning medals for South Africa  from our area; two people had won medals for other countries who originated from Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Club.  We also have a Strandfontein resident, Achmat Cassiem, who won 2 gold medals for swimming in the Paralympics.  He is the nephew of one of our councillors and was a victim of a shark attack.  It’s very rewarding to see that we are developing outstanding athletes

On another note, I would like to mention that at Wessa’s 64th AGM, Louise Stafford, our invasive alien clearing guru, was given an award for her work in alien vegetation clearing & biodiversity and we congratulate her on this.

On a more sombre note, the shark spotters have reported quite a few sightings on our beaches in the last week.  We urge our residents to be vigilant and pay attention to the shark spotters and the flags as we enter the busy shark season.

The fish hoek shark exclusion net programme is on track and it looks like we’ll be ready to have the net in the water early in the New Year.

Finally we have managed to get sufficient nominations for the ward committees and we look forward to their establishment over the next few weeks.

The biggest challenge we are facing presently in the far south is the question of roads and access. The upgrade of the Main Road Kalk Bay from Clairvaux to Weston Road has created a stop-and-go with delays of between 10 – 15 minutes per stop, i.e. if you get caught in the backlog you may have to stop 3 times and this is creating a major problem. This has also had the consequential effect of creating more traffic on Ou Kaapse Weg which in turn is creating an even worse gridlock situation with traffic backing up as far back as Ocean View Milky Way in the mornings. The positioning of two traffic officers as pointsmen has helped to keep the intersection clear but not sufficiently as to actually clear the gridlock.  We are having a meeting with officials and engineers later in the week to try and resolve the problem.

On the housing front we have the Dido Valley project which is now in the NEMA appeal stage with Province and the LUPO application is currently with the City.  This process will take up to 18 months.

Masiphumelele Phase 4 and the old soccer field site housing development are going through a Land Use Planning Ordinance process but are on track.  The determination of beneficiaries is now also underway.

In Ocean View the planning is for two show houses to be built for public viewing by December. We look forward to this specifically because they will be uniquely designed stone houses built with stone from Ocean View.

The Pelican Park Housing project is all ready for launching next week.  This is exciting as there will be more than three thousand houses built.  We are very grateful that this project has finally got going.

On another front, there is a biodiversity network partnership between The City and ICLEA, and a programme has been set up with False Bay Ecology Park and theVillage Heights community to integrate the communities in what has become known as the “Other side of the Fence” project.  This programme will be used to upgrade the library, the crèche and other facilities in the suburb.

Unfortunately we are still the victims of fires and there have been bad fires in Masiphumelele and Overcome Heights with fatalities.  We offer our sympathies to those families.

The City has begun a re-blocking exercise and Masiphumelele Wetlands will be added to that programme.

Last weekend we experienced some major power outages due to problems at substations which caused inconvenience to residents in Ocean View.  We are constantly working through a maintenance programme to upgrade our facilities.

It is very unfortunate that our ‘zero tolerance’ operations in our areas have been influenced by the project ‘reclaim’ or the so called ‘service delivery’ protests which have drawn our resources away for monitoring purposes and there by creating a negative impact on our ‘zero tolerance’ programmes.  There have been operations but not with the desired outcomes that we anticipated.

Thank you.

Alderman Felicity Purchase (Subcouncil Chairperson (19)