You are invited to free public lectures  hosted at AIMS South Africa from 3 to 8 August  as part of the National Science Week. These form part of the AIMS Public Lecture Series.

Computing the Universe
Date: Tuesday 4 August 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: AIMS South Africa, 6 Melrose Road, Muizenberg
Cost: Free

By Prof Romeel Davé, the SARChI Chair in Cosmology with Multi-wavelength Data, a joint national research chair split between AIMS, the University of the Western Cape, and the South African Astronomical Observatory. He obtained his PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and held Spitzer and Hubble Fellowships, and was on the faculty at the University of Arizona before coming to Cape Town in January 2013. Prof Davé uses hydrodynamic simulations on supercomputers to study the evolution of the observable Universe, including galaxies, clusters, black holes, and intergalactic gas.


ABSTRACT: How did the Universe come to look the way it does? Numerical cosmologists are trying to answer this by modeling the history of our Universe using powerful supercomputers. The results have been sometimes surprising, often amazing, and always enlightening. We have learned about dark matter, dark energy, inflation, and the quantum fluctuations that seeded everything we see. Powerful telescopes have shown us the remarkable Cosmic Web traced out by galaxies with a dizzying array of properties. Combining supercomputers and next-generation telescopes such as the SKA, cosmologists hope to, for the first time in human history, assemble a complete and verifiable story of how our Universe and everything within it came to be. This lecture will chart our progress so far, and reflect on how much we have yet to discover about the Universe that we call home.

The Role of Science in Water & Sanitation within the Municipal Environment
Date: Thursday 6 August 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: AIMS South Africa, 6 Melrose Road, Muizenberg
Cost: Free

By Dr Rembu N Magoba, Head of Research and Development Section, Scientific Services, City of Cape Town, responsible for research projects that will ensure sustainable safe drinking water for the City of Cape Town and also building capacity in the field of Science. Dr Magoba has over ten years of experience in the management of aquatic ecosystems, with a particular focus on River Health, Water Quality and various aspects of the Ecological Reserve. He was a team member for the several Reserve Determination studies in the Western Cape including Olifants-Doring Catchment, Berg River and for the development of the Water Resource Classification System while working for a Southern Waters Consulting company. He is also co-editor of a multi authored book on the history of Cape Town’s rivers and peer reviewed articles in international journals. He was also a member of the specialist team for environmental flow determinations for the Nile River in Sudan, the Senqu River in Lesotho and the Kunene River in Namibia/Angola. He was a project manager for the updating of the Present Ecological Status (PES) for rivers and estuaries in all Water Management Areas in the Western Cape. He joined Agricultural Research Council (ARC) – PPRI Weeds Division as a Researcher and Project leader for the biological control of invasive alien plant, Lantana camara until 2013.

ABSTRACT: Municipalities depend on the Water and Sanitation Department to provide good quantity and quality of water to the public. Water and Sanitation Department is comprised of various branches including: Reticulation, Bulk water, Wastewater, Engineering and Asset Management, & Water Demand Management and Strategy. The Water & Sanitation activities includes Measurement of construction works to support water supply system, Scientific and Engineering Investigations and Design (designing dams, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, reservoirs & Pipelines), Pump Stations Pressure Management, Planning and Implementing a Leak Detection, Water & wastewater Treatment processes, etc.

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