Adopt a school kid moms of FH HighIt is a sad fact that in most of the schools in the Scenic South, there are children arriving at school without having eaten breakfast. Nor do they have school lunch.  Unlike the kids who choose to buy lunch from the school tuck shop, these kids don’t have that option.  Knowing from experience that you can’t teach a hungry child, most schools have contingency plans to ensure that needy students get healthy sandwiches donated either by the tuck shop or by school moms.  At Fish Hoek High, a group of Moms send extra sandwiches to school for kids less fortunate. Contact Beatie on 084 302 3435 if you wish to help.  Another group of Moms at Fish Hoek Primary, make sandwiches which are collected from the school on a Tuesday by Living Hope and distributed to the needy in the surrounding communities.  Living Hope supports After School Clubs which provide a safe place for children and also provides each young person with fruit, sandwich, and juice, so that children are not malnourished. 

We at the Scenic South are aware of a number of other initiatives, and busy are verifying the information. If you are involved in any school food support initiative, forward us your information so that we can add it to this list.