The election will be within three months after 18 May,
but the two Voter Registration weekends are 5 & 6 March and 9 & 10 April between 8:00 and 17:00.
Voters must be SA Citizens who are registered to vote in a general election
You need to register if you

  •         have never registered to vote in an election after 1994, or
  •         are a registered voter who has moved in the past three years.

Am I registered? / Where am I registered?

  •         SMS the IEC on 32810 with your ID number as the message.
    You should receive a response within 30 seconds.

How to register
Two options are available

  •         Register at the IEC office at Alphen Hall, Constantia Main Rd on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00.
    It takes about 5 minutes and you miss the queues over the registration weekends.

This option is available until the Election Date is promulgated and the Voters Roll is closed.

  •         Register during the registration weekends at the Voting Station near to where you live, which is in the Voting District determined by the IEC based on your residential address.

Register where you live!
Registered voters may only vote at the voting station at which they are registered.
A municipal election is the only opportunity that voters have to vote for the public representative who will serve the residents in the ward in which they live for the next five years.

Voting Stations in Ward 61
The following Voting Stations will be open during the Registration Weekends.

Primary School Kommetjie Kirsten Avenue
Phoenix Hall Glencairn Phoenix Way
Town Hall Simon’s Town St Georges street
AFM Church Red Hill Middle Camp
Community centre Da Gama Da Gama street
Multi-purpose Centre Ocean View Milky Way
Civic Centre Ocean View Carina Way
High School Ocean View Hydra Way
Baptist church Ocean View Saturn Way

Ward 61 Demarcation changes
Voters living in Upper Stonehaven have been moved to Ward 69.   In this instance voters must re-register at the King of Kings Sun Valley.
Voters living in Fish Hoek Mountainside have been moved to Ward 64. In this instance voters registered at the False Bay College will not need to reregister.
Voters living in Kommetjie have been moved into Ward 61. In this instance voters registered at the Kommetjie primary School will not have to reregister.

By the way!
The Cape Town Cycle Tour (Argus) is on 6 March so if you are involved with the cycle tour that weekend then please register on the 5th of March or at the IEC office on weekdays.

Please forward this email to your colleaugues, friends and family. If they don’t live in Ward 61 then they may need to go to another IEC office or a Voting Station in the Ward in which they reside.

Kind regards,

Simon Liell-Cock
Ward 61 Councillor