WORLD WETLAND DAY is upon us again!

Officially, it is on 2nd February which is a Thursday but that’s not easy for those who work and so we will be celebrating it on Saturday 4th February.  We will also honour it by holding one of our regular Clean-Up parties on Friday 3rd February


 We also hope you will tell your friends and publicise these two events, celebrating World Wetland Day

Clean-Up details for Friday 3rd February:   Meet outside the Viper Lounge at 09h00 and we will send members out two by two.   Do bring a bottle of water, a hat and sunscreen and we will supply bags and directions – we also now have some tongs given us by the Plastics Federation making the picking up far easier! .   It is usually quite a lot of fun, very satisfying and an ideal way of meeting people.   We usually go out for up to two hours and then meet back at the Glencairn Strip for refreshments and stories!

Walk the Else River.  ON SATURDAY 4th FEBRUARY @ 09h30 we will meet up at the ruin of the old Water Mill and make our way down the Els River to the Sea!   We will pass through the Navy, Rotary, then Gordons land, coming out at the top of the Glencairn Wetland.    That part of the walk might be quite rough at this stage and those who aren’t so agile might want to meet up at 10h30 with the group at the original bench on the field above the Typha Tunnel, from where we will make our way through the Wetland to the Sea.   There are lots of things to see in the Wetland:  

New ‘rafts’ for the Typha Tunnel – thanks to William & Gia Keiser who have just arrived in Glencairn and done major alterations to their house

Check on the African Black Duck – I saw two this morning and one of them flies beautifully – ours were pinioned and so has a wild one joined our singleton?   Or What?

Admire our Red Data plant – the Solanum Africanum or Dronkbessie – which is coming into flower all over the wetland

Catch a sight of the Whitethroated Swallows who might line up their young for us!

Experience the new Walkway under the Glen Road and rest awhile on the superb bench to view the abundance of nature around you.

And finally reach the sea by way of the new path alongside the beautiful regrown banks of the Els River to see how it should be like without the Typha.

Once at the sea, turn right to Glencairn Station where there is a beautiful Rainbow and you are encouraged to add your painted ‘hand’ as proof of your mornings’ achievements!

After all this we will retire to the Glencairn Strip for refreshments and share our experiences.

Rupert will be available to help ferry you back to your car – either before or after this adventurous walk.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new managers for the Gordons and Rotary Camps both of whom have recently taken up these positions which are most important to us all in the Glencairn Valley.

 Gordons  Lloyd Walters       021 782 3872 or 082 492 1967   He is managing the Camp and his cousin, Vanessa White takes the bookings 021 783 0218.   Both Vanessa and Lloyd have known this area since they were children.   Lloyd has his own electrical business and so isn’t always available.

 Rotary Koos & Antoinette Burger []   Koos and Antoinette were both teachers at the Paul Greyling School in Fish Hoek and have lived in Welcome Glen for many years and so know this area well.

Also:  AfriOceans  Terry Corr who is Head of Education Tel: 021 7821348 Cell: 084 6801354 email:mail to: , whom I mentioned in our last newsletter and who is making great waves in the Far South schools with their AfriOceans Warriors Environmental Education programme.

DonaldsArt           Donald Barnett is the guy who has painted the Glencairn Rainbow with additions from children which has brought the ‘sparkle’ to the Glencairn Station area.   He has an open profile on Facebook so, if you are a member of Facebook you can click on this connection and be taken straight there to have a look.  

All of them are bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm for their new responsibilities and so it will be great to work with them and help them in any way we can.  


We feel that we need to make a simple flower, bird, insect, etc book of things readily seen specifically in the valley.   With this in mind, would the photographers have their cameras ready and send us your shots – preferably as soon as possible – stating clearly when and where the photo was taken … you need not necessarily know its name!   Many years ago we printed a Check List but we have found that we need something with photos when taking people round the Wetland …. or indeed, people walking on their own.

Very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Friday 3rd 09h00 Work Party and the Celebrations on Saturday 4th February at 09h30 when we can truly celebrate our wetland and enjoy it – Cilla and Rupert

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