The Riverine Rovers  a small dedicated group looking after the Silvermine Wetlands, one of the best natural assets in Fish Hoek, are looking for volunteers – especially someone who can supervise a once a week gardener.  The gardener is funded by a Riverine Rover project to keep the paths clear for all of us and to remove alien vegetation.  The work is not onerous, but he does need fairly frequent watching to see that the designated work is carried out.

The Wetland path system is a popular jogging, commuter and dog walking route, but sadly dog waste left lying on the paths is an ongoing problem.  The Riverine Rovers have installed Dog Poo bag Dispensers to try and encourage dog owners to pick it up.   “How would you feel if your child or elderly relative walked through some of the mounds we have on the paths?”  The bag dispensers mean that there are ample free bags around for anyone to take, pick up the “dump” and deposit into the many black bags around the wetlands.  These are making a difference, and we would like to see them utilised even more.

And now for the good news!!!   There appears to be an increase in the number of bird fledglings we are seeing – Bokmakieries, guinea fowl and Spurfowl (Francolins).  The Bokmakieries have an amazing range of sounds, and it is worthwhile standing and listening to them.  They are quite used to people and will enable you to come quite close if you are quiet and not moving too quickly.  Their distinctive black collar on a yellow tummy makes them easy to see.

For more information or to volunteer your services contact :

 Evanne Rothwell  084 7115413