The managerial changeover from Infinity to SANPARKS regarding Wild Cards is already causing frustration even to those of us who are aware that our existing Wild Cards need to be updated before 31st December 2010.  After that the chances are if you present an un-updated card at say Cape Point, Silvermine Reserve or Boulders Beach you will be rejected and forced to pay the cash entry (which has just increased)

The couple of media notices I have seen regarding “the Wild Card getting Wilder”?!  advise you to fill in your details on the Wild Card website or call the contact centre 0861 469 453 to order a new card.  Some weeks ago I duly got on to the website, completed all details – in my case I had a new email address as well – and waited in vain for the expected confirmation which you should get and print out in order to present when showing your existing Wild Card.  When nothing came I tried phoning the call centre – gave up eventually. Yesterday I did have success by actually going to SANPARKS in Westlake.  I urge people to take this route – SANPARKS in Westlake are very efficient and understanding too.  Please go soon – their offices will be closed from 23rd December till January.  You can also go to the Buffelsfontein Centre at Cape Point Reserve (this means you first have to go through the Pay Gate!)  Boulders Beach can only handle the Cape Cards.

Kelly Izzard

Friends of the Cape of Good Hope

Tel: 021 789 1260