From our friends at Chand, lets make a difference to the traffic


Dear Interested and Affected Party

While the current Kommetjie Road / Ou Kaapse Weg upgrade is generating much discussion, some of the comments and suggestion go beyond the scope of the current upgrade.  This is because they touch on issues of travel choices, or on the broader  transport network.

The Billboard magazine is keen to engage on current issues which residents and businesses are dealing with in the Far South.  It is well-placed to garner community perceptions, and suggestions.  It has therefore undertaken to host a travel perception survey for those who LIVE and WORK in the FAR SOUTH.  The survey is targeting those who follow commuter travel patterns, and within that, it is targeting those who use a private motor vehicle (though it does not exclude others, and took the opportunity to ask them a few questions too).  It is focusing on travel behaviour, choices and perceptions.

The results of the survey will be published in the Billboard magazine and shared with the Far South Peninsula Community Forum, as well as the City which is currently undertaking a planning process for transport in the Far South.

Please see link below to access survey.

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