Eager to step out of the parochial mode we tend to comfortably fall into in our quiet neck of the Cape Peninsula and “bok” to experience a bit of the World Cup”gees” in the city we caught the train into Cape Town on Friday, a glorious warm evening. We were not disappointed – we caught the “gees”, we enjoyed the vibe and came home late at night all feeling very proudly South African.

Go Bafana!

Cape Town was buzzing with the excitement of the English – Algerian encounter at our beautiful stadium. We walked the Fan Walk enchanted by the musicians, the energetic dancers, the drummers, the stately stiltwalkers, the minstrels, the floats, the “artistical, fantastical” trees made of recycled materials, the lights, the bonhomie of the jovial crowds ….

We were impressed by the Zibi bins every few metres and the cleanliness of the streets, by the orderliness of the spectators queueing at the gates and by the fact that we as a nation were putting on a mighty fine show. We wished that we too could be filing enthusiastically into the stadium. What an experience it must be! That not being our gameplan for the evening, we continued onwards to the festive Waterfront where flag-bedecked English fans were belatedly trying to find their way to the game, singing unsoberly, vieing with the vuvuzelas for sound space. Watching the game from a quiet Italian

Branching into art

restaurant a little away from the main centre of activity over a delicious and very reasonably priced meal (no rip-off) allowed us to converse at normal decibels, a fine counterpoise to the deafening decibels in the distance.

And on the packed train home, happily weary, it was great to hear young English visitors enthusing about their World Cup experiences in our country.

Land of sunny skies, sunny faces, wide open spaces. Hosts of  Soccer World Cup 2010. Mmmmph, it is lekker to be a SAffer!