Do any of our readers know the derivation of and meaning of the title Africa?  

`Africa’  is the convenient label that hardly does justice to the vast continent that is home to a kaleidoscope of cultures and languages across more than 50 countries and 750 million people.  I tried `Googling’  Africa – what’s in a name – but did not get an answer that was either succinct or uncontested.   There is some agreement that the Romans popularized the name Africa which they used to describe the far northern parts of the vast continent around Tunisia.  Whether the origins of the name Africa comes from the Afri, a Berber tribe that the Romans met in the Carthage area or from Latin (Africa = sunny) or Greek (Aphrike = not cold) is disputed.  Another explanation has Egyptian origins.  In circa 2500 BC, Afre-Kh (Africa) was the name of the fourth king of the 4th Egyptian dynasty. 

KimK   April 2012