False Bay is teeming with marine life great and small. Our annual Antarctic visitors, the Southern Right Whales, have at last arrived and large groups of them have stopped the traffic several times over the past week as they languidly wallowed close to shore off Sunnycove. Wednesday 25 August was yet another perfect winter’s day in the scenic south and a paddle along the Simon’s Town coastline at sunset was the ideal way to round it off. As pastel pinks, lilacs and blues played across the calm waters of False Bay a curious Southern Right  broke the surface just metres away from us and it, or a mate, again came between our kayaks on our return to Simon’s Town. Sharing the ocean with these great denizens of the deep were thousands of small Night Light Jellyfish. I thought they were smaller than those we witnessed in the bay a few months ago. See http://scenicsouth.co.za//environment/photo-gallery/ for more info about and a picture of these marine creatures.

The water was cold and crystal clear before turning an inky night blue.